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Virus, Spam, Pop-Up and Spyware Protection *

FREE EZ Armor Security Software is provided for Concito customers.
FREE EZ Armor Security Software is provided for Concito customers by Computer Associates: You get FREE Anti-Virus protection, Firewall protection, Spyware protection, Pop-Up Blockers, product upgrades/updates and Web support. You can download this $99.00 value, FREE, when you become a Concito subscriber.

Antivirus and Firewall At Concito, we're committed to making your Internet experience fast, fun and as safe as possible. Concito provides protection against viruses that get into files, causing computers and software to react unexpectedly. While we are no more susceptible to viruses than other Internet Service Providers or network operators, we take the necessary steps to help make computers and the Internet a safer place.

Concito scans and cleanses all incoming e-mail and attachments using some of the most powerful and effective antivirus technologies available today, these systems can detect, fix and eliminate more than 5,500 viruses, worms, Trojan horses and malicious mobile code-- all within our network, without reducing speed or the quality of your connection.

Email virus protection

Viruses and worms--sound unpleasant, don't they? These are computer programs designed to spread themselves within your computer or to other computers. The majority of worms and viruses are transmitted through e-mail attachments, often coupled with deceptive subject lines or addresses from a loved one. Folks are then tricked into clicking a virus-laden attachment. We recommend that you always make sure you know when someone is sending you a file or program. While you should still have virus software for your computer, virus protection is an integral part of our operations.

Spyware protection

Spyware, adware and other non-viral threats are becoming a huge problem for Internet users. They cause PCs and networks to slow down and bring new security and privacy problems for you to contend with. Our spyware protection detects and removes the threat from your computer, enabling you to surf the Web with confidence

Spam Blocker

Block e-mails from any senders you don't explicitly approve. You can clean up your In-Box and stop the irritating spam you don't want.

Firewall Protection

You can block intruders, including pop-up ads while you protect your important private information, such as bank account and credit card numbers.
* No Macintosh version available


Free Virus, Spam, Pop-Up and Spyware Protection.
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