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Concito offers high-quality ISDN Connectivity in the United States.

What is ISDN?

ISDN stands for Integrated Service Digital Network. It was developed over 20 years ago by the current phone and other telecommunication companies to provide high speed connections between major offices and large businesses that could not afford other dedicated high speed lines. Now that modem hardware allows regular phone lines to provide connections reaching 56 kilobits per second and DSL provides reasonably priced high speed service, ISDN is not as popular as it once was. It is still used by businesses and residential customers who need a faster-than-modem connection but are not serviced by DSL.

Normally, ISDN lines contain two 64 kilobit channels providing a 128 kilobit connection on each phone line. Multiple ISDN lines can be combined for 256 kilobit or higher speeds. Each channel can also be used independently. If voice and data service are enabled on each channel, one can be used for a phone call during an internet connection while the other maintains a download or send. Once the phone call is finished, the dropped channel can resume internet service, restoring the download or send to full 128 kilobit speed.

ISDN is a fully digital connection between the customer's location and the telephone office. Since your computer doesn't need to negotiate the best speed for the telephone line that day ISDN allows for near-instant connections. ISDN also does not need to convert the digital information the computer uses to the analog signal (sound-like tones and whistles) of normal modems before sending your requests and convert it back to digital at the telephone office, ISDN allows for actual 64 or 128k connection speeds.

What are ISDN's major advantages over dialup?

Connect to the Internet at blazing 128k speeds. Since the connection is digital, you get true 128k communication in BOTH directions. With traditional 56k dialup you are lucky to 50k download, and can get no better than 33.6k upload speeds.

Connect in under 3 seconds. ISDN connections are made almost instantaneously. No more waiting for your clunky analog modem to establish dial tone, dial the number, wait for answer, handshake, and then begin the logon process. Since it is digital from end to end, the communication is lightning quick. Logons are almost imperceptible. It's like you're connected all the time!

Surf without worry of frequent disconnects. ISDN is a digital signal from end to end. It is not as susceptible to line noise as analog dialup lines. Your ISDN line (ordered from your phone company) will be a dedicated line. It will not be a shared line with another phone line. All these factors make an ISDN line much more reliable than traditional phone lines.

Talk on the phone and surf at the same time! The two B channels that make up your ISDN connection can be used independently of each other. With the proper modem, you can connect analog devices to your ISDN line and use them like you would on a normal telephone line. You can then surf with a 64k connection (download AND upload) and use a phone or fax on the other channel. Replace BOTH your lines and have a single ISDN line for phone and Internet. This saves you money!

Where is ISDN available from Concito?

ISDN is available at all Concito dial up locations.

What is needed for ISDN service?

ISDN service requires an ISDN phone line, ISDN service from an ISP such as Concito, and either a ISDN adapter or router. (ISDN adapters are sometimes called modems but the are not technically modems since they do not convert the signal from analog to digital.Concito makes finding ISDN hardware easy as we sell modems and routers.) An ISDN line can be ordered from most local phone companies. ISDN adapters (or modems) are available either as internal add on cards or external units for a single computer connection. ISDN routers, while more expensive, can share a connection among several computers in a household or office and often provide connections for standard phones and fax machines. Voice service must be available on at least one ISDN channel for a phone or fax machine to work.

Are there any additional costs?


If you do not have ISDN service you will need to order an ISDN line and pay any installation fees the line provider may have. You will also need to purchase an ISDN adapter or router (We sell ISDN hardware)

ISDN is a dial up service that places two calls for each 128 kilobit connection so per call charges or a flat rate calling package will also be charged by the line provider.

Please see our plans below for more details

Time Limit ISDN Activation (one time) Monthly Rate Hour Limit Static IP
64K $10.00 $14.00 mo. 300 Not Available
128K $10.00 $24.95 mo. 100 per ch. Not Available
128K $10.00 $39.95 mo. 150 per ch. Not Available
128K $10.00 $64.95 mo. 250 per ch. Not Available
DEDICATED ISDN Activation (one time) Monthly Rate Hour Limit Static IP
64K $10.00 $49.95 mo. DEDICATED Available*
128K $10.00 $79.95 mo. DEDICATED Available*

ISDN accounts include:

  • Free - Domain Hosting Services
  • Free - 20 POP3 email address with free spam and virus filtering
  • Free - Downloadable Virus Scanner
  • Free - Regular 56K Account To Use If you are on the Road!

Pricing above for limited, unlimited and dedicated ISDN internet service DO NOT include telco line charges for your ISDN circuit itself. Please call us for more information: 888-817-8323.

*=Static IP available in most areas for additional $19.95 setup fee and $15.00 per month


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