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What is Motiv8?

Concito Motiv8 is the next generation of dial-up Internet access.
MOTIV8 accelerates your Web surfing experience using your existing phone jack and modem and allows you to surf the Web at broadband-like speeds without the high cost of a broadband connection. MOTIV8 includes all the great features of our 56K Plan for only $9.95, plus:

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Surfing so fast, you won't believe it's not broadband

Concito is now faster than ever. In fact, with Motiv8 technology Concito is the fastest surfing you can get without paying the high price for a broadband connection.

Concito: Unlimited Service, Unlimited Hours!

Do you use the internet for more then 500 hours per month? That's not a problem with Concito! Whether you use 50, 500, or 5000 hours per month, you pay the same price.

Get Started in Minutes, Connect in Seconds

Sign up today and start surfing faster in minutes, with NO additional equipment. Plus, Concito connects you to the Internet faster than ever before.

Pop-Up Blocker

Pop-up ads are annoying and can slow down your surfing. Surf with less hassle using Pop-Up Blocker.

Concito Mail w/ Spam & Virus Protection

Enjoy 4GB of email storage - enough room to store thousands of emails, photos and file attachments. Plus get peace of mind knowing your email will be kept safe with the built-in spam and virus protection. And with the easy-to-use Web interface, you can access your email from anywhere.

What gets Accelerated?

What is accelerated What is not accelerated
Web pages - HTML markup and JavaScript
Graphics including JPEG and GIF images
Email including POP3 and Email on the Web.
Streaming media, audio and video files
Secure pages, such as those used for online banking and credit card forms
Files and attachments such as music or digital photos

How reliable is Motiv8?

With thousands of access numbers nationwide, Concito makes it easy for you to get online and stay online, with fewer busy signals and disconnects. To check what access numbers are available in your area,

Why should I consider Concito Motiv8 Instead of Broadband?

Both Concito and broadband will save you time by letting you surf the Web much faster than standard dial-up. However, unlike broadband, Concito does not require you to pay for additional equipment such as DSL/cable modems or routers to enjoy faster surfing. Plus, there's no hardware installation required. Simply download the Concito software and within minutes you can surf the Web at speeds so fast you won't believe it's not broadband. And, with Concito Instant On! you can access your email and favorite web content INSTANTLY!

How does Concito Motiv8 work?

Data Compression and Image Optimization - Before the text and graphics that make up Web pages get sent to you over your phone line, Concito compresses them using a proprietary technology. Less data is sent so your surfing experience is much faster!

Memory Enhancement - Concito uses caching technology to store elements of frequently visited Web sites so they load faster on future visits. So in addition to an immediate boost, your surfing will get even faster as you continue to use Concito .

Continuous Optimization - Concito continuously optimizes the communication between your system's modem and our network while you are online. That means that it is always working to shorten the amount of time it takes to connect you to the sites you visit.

Pop-Up Blocking - Concito features a pop-up blocker, which means that you no longer have to wait for annoying pop-up ads to load.

Will Concito speed up everything I do on the Web?

Concito accelerates certain text and graphics on Web pages. With Concito you will notice a broadband-like surfing experience when you visit Web sites, read your Email on the Web, and perform many other Web-based activities. Concito does not currently accelerate file downloads such as music files, streaming media or non-Web-based email programs such as Outlook Express.
  Minimum Requirements* Recommended Requirements*
Computer Processor 90 MHz Pentium processor Pentium III processor or higher
Memory 64 MB of RAM 128 MB of RAM
Operating System Windows 95 withService Pack 2 Windows 98 or higher
Modem 28.8K modem 56K modem or higher
Free Disk Space At least 21 MB of free disk space At least 30 MB of free disk space
Browser Internet Explorer 5.0.1, Netscape, Opera, or Firefox Internet Explorer 6.0, Netscape, Opera, or Firefox


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